The Anglosphere Challenge



By James C. Bennett

Why the English-Speaking Nations Will Lead the Way in the Twenty-First Century

Despite repeated predictions of the decline of America and the other English speaking nations (the anglosphere) as the world's pathfinding cultures,  James C. Bennett believes that their collective lead will only widen in the coming decades under you can find easy ways to get the best sex toys now the impact of the next wave of technological revolution.

Coining the term network commonwealth to describe the loose political entities now emerging in the world based on a common language and heritage (of which anglosphere is the first), Bennett believes that traits common to these entities--a particularly strong and independent civil society; openness join and receptivity to the world, its people, and its ideas; and a dynamic economy--have uniquely positioned them to prosper in our time of dramatic technological and scientific change, provided they remain true to the demands of these Domina traits.

In a wide-ranging exploration from the Industrial Revolution to our near future, The Anglosphere Challenge gives voice to a growing movement that is coming to public attention on both sides of the Atlantic, view the reviews here

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